Available in the following designs:
Blümlein *
Blümlein  *
Bouquet *
Bouquet  *
Hedy *
Hedy  *
Korfu *
Korfu  *
Leonora *
Leonora  *
Lisi *
Lisi  *
Madeira *
Madeira  *
Max *
Max  *
Nene *
Nene  *
Nora *
Nora  *
Sträußlein *
Sträußlein  *
Streiflein *
Streiflein  *
Valerie *
Valerie  *


A summer like it was then

The freshness of summer in the mountains, clear air, ice-cold mountain lakes, meadows with thousands and thousands of flowers, raspberries at the edge of the forest. Sissi brings back memories, reminders of summer days that we experienced and dreamt of. Romantic, graceful and fine - these are the motifs. The patterns come direct from the Alpine summer: Buds, blooms, vines, bouquets combined with solid colours, a check, diamonds, dots and stripes.

Qualities in linen, viscose and cotton blends of heavy and flowing to semi-transparent and light, a taffeta strip, a damask, a chenille and a burnout. Sissi is diverse and plays elegantly upon the keyboard of fabric qualities and designs. Its five shade themes tend towards pastel themes: Natural red, yellow grey, brown and pastel pink, natural pistachio; there is however also a powerful blue.